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Sheet metal circles are aluminum products processed by aluminum coils through stamping equipment, usually in a circular shape. Sheet metal circles are divided into tableware sheet metal circles, cosmetic sheet metal circles, stamping sheet metal circles, and label sheet metal circles. Commonly used in tableware, kitchenware, cooking utensils, cosmetic bottle caps, medicine bottle caps, lamps and utensils, hardware and electrical appliances shells, billboards, traffic sign processing and other industries.

Henan Signi Aluminum has an advanced stamping production line, which can produce sheet metal circles with a thickness of 0.3-5 mm and a diameter of 100-950 mm. Special shapes can be customized with molds.
Henan Signisheet metal circles has good tensile properties, no scratches, no oil stains on the surface, and good ductility. It is suitable for users to perform subsequent processing such as anodizing, spraying and coloring.
We are a professional manufacturer of sheet metal circles, and we provide various sheet metal circles manufacturers to process and customize. The company has 16 casting and rolling production lines, 3 cold rolling mills, and 4 flattening machines, providing customers with different specifications of sheet metal circles manufacturers.

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