aluminum foil strip

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  • sheet metal circles

    sheet metal circles

    Sheet metal circles are aluminum products processed by aluminum coils through stamping equipment, usually in a circular shape. Sheet metal circles are divided into tableware sheet metal circles , cosmetic sheet metal circles, stamping sheet...

  • 6 inch round aluminum sheet

    6 inch round aluminum sheet

    6 inch round aluminum sheet is usually used in home decoration. It is a special aluminum alloy product. At present, most of the 6 inch round aluminum sheet on the market is higher than the industry standard. The quality influencing factors...

  • solid metal circle

    solid metal circle

    In the production process of solid metal circle , technical workers must understand the basic production process. When you have a detailed understanding of the basic production process of the product, there will be no problems in the product...

  • 6 inch round aluminum plate

    6 inch round aluminum plate

    As we all know, the aluminum pot is made of 6 inch round aluminum plate , so when we buy enough, we need to consider the thickness of the material used for the aluminum products. The aluminum pot we use is generally thick, so we use 6 inch r...

  • aluminum sheet circle

    aluminum sheet circle

    Many people may not have heard of such a thing as aluminum sheet circle, but it has a very wide range of uses. You can also see knowledge in life. You dont know its prototype. The aluminum sheet circle you see has been used in a certain obje...


aluminum foil strip