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anodized aluminum circle use

Source:Original Editing:Frank Time:2019-05-30 18:33
Everyone knows that the application of anodized aluminum circles in our lives is very common. For example, the wires and aluminum pans we use are also ubiquitous in our lives, such as the shells of various appliances in our lives. There are also a variety of electronic products and automotive products. It is physically malleable and light in weight, so it is widely used in aviation, construction and steam industries.
With the continuous advancement of technology, anodized aluminum circles have many functions. After secondary processing, they can be made into various electrical enclosures. Now anodized aluminum circles have been widely used and developed in the military industry in aerospace engineering. In the future, the application of anodized aluminum circles and aluminum alloys will become more and more popular. Because its quality is lighter, and it is not so easy to be corroded, and aerospace, automobiles, ships, all need to be as light as possible, and also need corrosion resistance, just aluminum meets these two points, so the role of aluminum in these areas very large. The general reason for its application is that aluminum has properties that are not found in other metals.

Aluminum has a strong electrical conductivity. Everyone should know that the wires we use are generally aluminum wires. Of course, many electrical appliances are also made of aluminum. Another feature of aluminum is its forgeability. Aluminum can be cast into various A variety of shapes. In addition, the outer oxide film of aluminum not only has corrosion resistance but also certain insulation properties, so anodized aluminum circle metal has very common use in the electrical appliance manufacturing industry, wire and cable, and radio industry.

aluminum foil strip