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Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle

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1. Product introduction
The Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle produced by Henan signi is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection material, which is based on pure aluminum / aluminum alloy and coated with 304 / 316 / 430 stainless steel in one or two sides by cold rolling composite process. It can be widely used in all kinds of food and medical tableware, pots and pans

2. Characteristics and advantages of Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle
The inner coating has the advantages of corrosion resistance, safety and health;
The pure aluminum with high uniform heat conduction can be selected as the base plate to improve the thermal average and heat conduction performance, and save more time and energy;
The outer layer is made of 430 stainless steel, which has good thermal and mechanical properties.

3. Steel aluminum Triply Clad Circle quality requirements

Surface requirements: no scratch, pockmark, crease, pollution and other defects on the surface;
Forming requirements: good interface adhesion, bending resistance and welding performance;
Requirements for corrosion resistance: same as the surface of stainless steel of the same brand;
Other requirements: mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy and shape control meet the requirements of relevant standards.

4. Typical product brand and performance (specific brand and specification can be customized)

Sus (304) + Al (1050) + sus (430), elongation ≥ 33%.

5. Supply specifications and delivery status

(1) (0.8-2.0) × (20-1219) × C / scale;
Wafer supply: thickness: 2.2mm/2.3mm/2.5mm, etc., diameter: 365mm / 395mm / 500mm, etc. customized as required.
(2) According to customer requirements: 2B surface, add pad paper.

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